Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Realization

Women who don't join my site are not truly interested in me. Regardless of what they say or do, they are definitely not serious about a relationship with me if they don't join my site. It's a matter of being interested in me as a person. My site is something that I created and have an interest in. If a woman doesn't have an interest in my site, that implies a lack of interest in me.

I should have been aware of this much earlier. When I like a woman, I want to know absolutely everything about her. I want to immerse myself completely in everything about her. I have recently had a few interactions with women who claimed to be in love with me, but they wouldn't join my site or even look at it regularly. One turned out to be only interested in sex while pretending to be interested in more. The other wasn't interested in me at all. She just wanted some attention.

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